All You Need To Know About Caretaker Modus

The global norm is elected government steps into caretaker modus but in Pakistan a non political person is appointed as a caretaker to ensure the elections are without any political affiliation or interference and are fair and transparent.It disqualify participation of cabinet members and spouses or family of caretaker prime minister and chief ministers in the upcoming election.

In 2012, 20th amendment was passed that restricted the president of Pakistan in appointing caretaker or chief ministers. The nominated names from both sides, prime minister and opposition leader is presented to parliamentary committee with equal members and the provisional assembly elects the each province CM.
By law the election commission of Pakistan is responsible for final decision of own choice within two days if rest of the committee fails to do so. Further, the Caretaker prime minister forms federal and provincial cabinets of his choice.

Limitations and responsibilities of a caretaker prime minister:

  • To attend day to day affairs necessary to run the government without introduction or change of any policy decision unless extremely urgent.
  • To assist commission in holding fair and square elections with accordance to law.
  • The caretaker is confined to held any major negotiations with foreign countries and international agencies or organizations
  • Is allowed to make short term appointments in public interest but promotions and appointments of public officials is restricted.

Caretakers PM of Pakistan:

  1. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi (6 August – 6 November 1990)
  2. Mir Balakh Sher Mazari (18 april – 26 may 1993)
  3. Moin Ahmed Qureshi (18 july – 19 october 1993)
  4. Malik Meraj Khalid (5 november 1996 – 17 february 1997)
  5. Muhammad Mian Soomro (16 november 2007 – 25 march 2008)
  6. Mir Hazar Khan Khoso  (25 march – 5 june 2013)
  7. Nasirul ur Mulk ( 1 june 2018, the expected date for elections is 25th july 2018)

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