All You Need To Know About Ali Baba’s Acquisition of Daraz

Well remember how we saw very unique products on some online store and sighed because those antiques were not available in Pakistani online stores or if available the shipping charges were a little too much high and quality a little too much low. Now these factors will be diminished. It is in the air that the Chinese giant which came and ruled the world Alibaba has bought our very own online store

All You Need To Know About Ali Baba Acquisition Daraz

In a very little time span got very famous for its electronic goods, makeup, toys and official clothing brand selling, but still it lacked that universal and global village tinge of online stores. It got a real booster in 2016 on its Black Friday event with a selling of one billion. Considering the religious sentiments and popularity, renamed the event as Big Friday and had its sales raised to four times of earlier mentioned sales.

Meanwhile Alibaba was looking forward to expand its market to the South Asian regions, the company has already bought the major e-commerce stores of India and now is stepping the game up by buying Rocket Internet’s fulfilling the thought behind its name Ali baba which was coiled up because every region had known the story of Ali baba and forty thieves and thus the store’s popularity was predicted to be directly proportional with it.

All You Need About Ali Baba Acquisition of Daraz has not disclosed any financial details about their deal, they have just told that there will be no changes in the structure but surely, they will get a bam! In their network through new technologies, software strategies and more employees will be hired. It is hoped that it will also bridge the gap of online payment which still exists as null and as void as it was a few years back due to scamming in Pakistan. The reason why Alibaba can get successful in filling this pit up is that they have their shares invested in Telenor and Micro Finance bank and this can provide Easy Paisa payment which will get to unimaginable large scale.

The experts think that, this is a great initiative for the grooming of e-commerce industry in Pakistan because the quality of stock will be improved by which the stores will be able to trust online shopping getting our numbers as high as in the neighbor country and even more. They also say that it can be a good omen for other big e-commerce companies like Amazon and Tech Grus like Google and Facebook to franchise in Pakistan. Hope not out!

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