Aleem Says Inflation is on the Rise but Imran Khan Will Fix Things

Punjab Local Government Minister Aleem Khan says the earlier government is responsible for the increasing prices of gas, fuel and electricity.

He told the media in Lahore that the previous government used Rs800 million from the nationalized assets just to build the walls around their houses. The national treasury is bare so there will be an increase in the price of gas, electricity and petrol.

Aleem confessed that price rise is expected to increase because the national exchequer is empty.
He said that about 2,200 government employees were helping the former government and were salaried from the national treasury. Past government officials had chosen their children as commissioners and had been filling their own accounts with the state’s money.

On the other hand, Aleem guaranteed the people that Prime Minister Imran Khan will resolve the inflation issue, because he is an honest man and God helps honest people


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