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He is one of the younger members of the party pakistan muslim league N and a very aspiring politician with regards to election.

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Age of Alam Dad Lalika

He is 30 yrs. . Of age born on 12th of mark 1987. His father is mian abdul sattar lalika.

Education of Alam Dad Lalika

He is a very well educated person coming from a strong family background.

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Political Career of Alam Dad Lalika

His career in politics  still a young one that began in 2013 when he was given the ticket by pakistan muslim league nawaz to contest elections. Being his first time in elections at a mere age of 30 yrs he was able to win and get himself a seat in the national assembly through NA 189 seat.

Still at a young age his importance to the party was recognized and he was made the Federal parliamentary secretary for communication.

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Contacting Alam Dad Lalika

Permanent Address: Joyia House Haroonabad

Local Address: J-204, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 0300-4542094



Some Pictures of Alam Dad

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