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Ajab Gul started out as an actor and eventually went on to pursue film direction and production. His work for the Pakistani cinema has revolved mostly around Pashto films although he has expanded his career into television and theater as well. Due to his work with both cinema and television, he is renowned as an extremely versatile and talented actor.  His television shows especially are well known across the country.

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Ajab Gul’s Age and Education

Ajab Gul was born on July 15th in 1964 in Peshawer, Pakistan which makes him 53 years old as of 2017. Little is known about his educational background except that he entered showbiz right after completing his masters in Pashto from the University of Peshawar. This was in 1984 when he was just 20 years of age.

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Ajab Gul’s Acting career

Ajab Gul made his acting debut with PTV’s drama serial “Mausam” directed by Jahanzeb Sohail in 1984 and wowed everyone with his talent and steady grasp over the role. This along with his “cool looks” and newly created hype easily made him a favorite for drama serial enthusiasts. He went on to work with directors such as Masud Ahmad Shah from PTV Peshawer in his first Pashto drama serial “Fasiley”, Rashid Dar in “Suraj ke saath saath” which was his breakthrough serial in Lahore, Saleem Tahir in his first Punjabi serial “Kicker Kanday” and Nusrat Thakur in “Piyas”. Ajab Gul made his debut on the silver screen with the Pashto film “Dato-Pakht” in 1987, followed closely by his urdu film debut in 1989 with Mumtaz Ali Khan’s film “Qiyamat se Qiyamat”. He has recently starred in the hit film “Dukhtar”.

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 Ajab Gul’s Career as a Director and Producer

In 2001, Ajab Gul decided to turn from acting in order to pursue directing and made his directorial debut with the film “Khoey ho tum kahan” which was an immediate hit. It was one of the major films released that year, winning the majority of awards at the Cine Awards ceremony. The film was also known for its incredible cinematography and soundtrack. Another popular movie he directed was “Kyun tum se itna pyaar hai” in 2005 where he also introduced himself to the industry as a Music director and script director since he wrote the storyline and composed the music himself. Other notable films include “Godfather: the legend continues”, “Mein eik din laout ke aaoun ga” and “aalmi jasoos”.

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Ajab Gul’s Charitable work and Family life

Alongside his showbiz responsibilities, Ajab Gul started an N.G.O called “Hamza Foundation” which was an umbrella under which the Hamza Foundation welfare hospital was launched. This medical facility focused on prevention and treatment of blood related diseases in children which cost the lives of many infants and children per year. Ajab Gul is married and wishes to maintain a shroud of privacy around his family therefore details are not available for the public.

Contacting Ajab Gul

Ajab Gul has no existing social media accounts.

Some Pictures of Ajab Gul


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