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Aitzaz Ahsan is currently serving as the leader of opposition in Senate. He has been affiliated with Pakistan Peoples’ Party.

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Education and Age of Aitzaz Ahsan

Aitzaz was born on September 27, 1945 in Murree and grew up in Lahore. His initial instruction was from Aitchison College and Government College University. He then went on to Downing College, Cambridge to study law.

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Aitzaz Ahsan’s Political Career

Aitzaz joined PPP in 1970’s and began his political career. He lost the Pakistan General races of 1993 to Humayun Akhtar Khan of Pakistan Muslim League. In 1994 he was chosen as the individual from the Senate of Pakistan out of the blue speaking to PPP, where he served as Leader of the Opposition until 1999. In the elections of 2002, he kept running for the enrollment of the National Assembly on PPP situate from two electorates. He was re-chosen as the individual from the National Assembly for the third time from electorates of Bahawalpur and Lahore. He held his Lahore situate. Ahsan didn’t keep running in the Pakistan General races of 2008 because of his association in the legal counselor’s development for the rebuilding of dismissed judges. Ahsan was chosen as the individual from the Senate for the second time in the Pakistani Senate decision, 2012 on technocrat situate speaking to PPP. In 2013, he supposedly surrendered from Senate enrollment. In 2013, Ahsan move toward becoming resistance pioneer in the Senate. In 2015, he for the second time progressed towards serving as the leader of opposition in the senate. Ahsan is the author of the book The Indus Saga and the Making of Pakistan.

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Aitzaz Ahsan Wife, Marriage and Children

Aitzaz is married to Bushra Ahsan. The couple has two kids; Zainab Aitzaz and Chaudhry Ali Aitzaz Ahsan.

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