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Aisha Naeem is a well respected female politician of Pakistan. She is currently serving as Parliamentary Secretary in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. Her tenure started in 2013. She has gotten a lot of public support because of her hard work and sacrifices. She has been a great advocate for women and justice for all. She is a strong believer and promoter of equality and democracy.

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Aisha Naeem Age and background

Aisha Naeem was born in Peshawar. Her father’s name is Muhammad Naeem Khan. She is born and raised Muslim.

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Marriage and Children of Aisha Naeem

Miss Aisha Naeem is happily married. She is a dedicated housewife and much respected politician as well. She is a proud mother. In spite of being a housewife and a dedicated mother Miss Aisha has never backed out from her contributions in politics. She is a woman who keeps the interest of other people above her own personal interests which is why she has earned a respectable position in Politics.

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Aisha’s Career in Politics

Aisha Naeem is associated with the right wing of Tehreek e Insaf which is led by Imran Khan who is a successful sportsman turned politician. Imran khan himself is a much respected welfare worker, public figure and a celebrity in Pakistan. PTI is a mainstream party which earned majority of seats in KPK in the last elections held in Pakistan.

Miss Aisha Naeem is a female Politian with high character. She currently serves the constituency of WE-04. She got her position through the reserved seats or women. She is also the parliamentary secretary in the current cabinet. She is working in the Public Health Engineering department and is also a dedicated welfare worker.

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Contacting Aisha Naeem


Permanent Contact: House No. 211, Street No. 9, Sector E/3, Phase-1, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Res: 091-5818362

Cell: 0345-9220144

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Some pictures of Aisha Naeem

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