Air Farming and how to Collect & Bottle Breathable Air

Air farming is a concept now.  It does sound funny that you are farming something that is everywhere and it’s free for everybody but that’s not the case in China. China has a very old smog problem in their atmosphere, alarmingly increased environmental pollution and all the polluted air particles are the main cause of smog. This smog and polluted air is a global problem especially in china and it is rising another new industry i.e. Bottled Breathable Fresh Air. Yes it is an industry now. China is the biggest buyer of bottled fresh air which you can breathe when air is not clear.

This concept was started by a Canadian entrepreneur as a joke when he sells a zip lock bag of fresh breathable air on eBay for $0.99 and realized that there is a potential market for breathable air, and started to collect the air from the rocky mountains of Banff in Alberta and British Columbia in Canada. They collected bottles and jars and started to sell in China. After that more companies formed in Britain, Switzerland, and many other counties to sell fresh breathable air. A glass jar of fresh air from UK is sold in china for $100. Canadian start up called Vitality Air is the biggest suppliers for china they are selling a compressed can of 3L of fresh breathable air for $25 which last for 150-170 breaths.

In order to collect purest form of breathable air is very simple and involving no machinery. It’s like farming where the product which is air in this case is cultivated by the farmers which we can call air farmers who then put bottles and jars in special nets attached to one end of a stick and they run through pastures to collect or we can harvest the product. And then there are categories and type of air like some people want air from the top of the mountain at the day time when it’s windy, on the other hand some people ask for the air from the bottom of the mountain or dark air at night when it’s still and not windy at all.

collecting fresh air in UK

Air can also be collected in can in a compressed form. That whole mechanism is also very simple involving an air compressor that fills the can and you can use these cans only with pressure regulators that maintain the safe pressure for inhaling. You can fill the cans and can sell them at a very high price and there is tremendous demand of canned or bottled fresh breathable air in china. China is not the only market all these companies are looking towards India for their future market, due to very high pollution level in India.

Himalayan Air

Hamaliya is the largest mountain range in the world which spreads from China to central Asia. Along with all this mountain range there are lots of beautiful places that have most fresh air and it’s all natural. It is the purest form of air which is free of any kind of pollutants or smoke. Himalayan air is almost like the air that Canadians collect at Banff and Lake Louise, because weather is very much alike and their geological position is similar. There is not a single well recognized company that collects fresh breathable air from Himalayas. According to World health Organization WHO pollution level is increasing alarmingly throughout the globe especially in China and India, so there is a big market for the business. Vitality Air has already launched in India in 2016 and sold their first shipment of 5000 cans in 2 weeks. And now they have enormous demand for fresh breathable air.

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