Ahad Khan Cheema: The Guy Who Was Late at His Wedding

Ahad Khan Cheema was recently arrested by National Accountability Bureau, also known as NAB, for corruption allegations. For many, Ahad Cheema has been an unknown figure who appears to be just another corrupt person in one of many departments that exist in Pakistan. We have gathered information about Ahad Cheema from many who either worked really close with him or have known him for long. For those who have not known him or seen him, his arrest hasn’t shocked them as there is corruption everywhere. But those who have been really close to Ahad Khan Cheema, it was a massive shock and according to one of his colleagues

A really hard working genius, who have become the victim of a corrupt society due to his extraordinary abilities, deliveries towards the development of Lahore city. Not in a million years he would have ripped his people off. He worked hard day and night and we had all seen it and proof of his hard work and efforts are in Lahore everywhere

Ahad Khan’s Background

Ahad Khan came from an agricultural background family in Hafizabad. He started to progress early in his career and achieved much Importance, respect and honor. He not only worked with current PML (N) government but he was also working with previous governments. In 2005, his hard work and managing skills made “Parha Likha Punjab” possible, a project successfully completed under Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi’s goverment. His efforts in making Lahore better was not only appreciated by local Pakistan’s Authorities but he was also famous among international authorities for his achievements and best delivery.

Ahad Cheema was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth, he sweat and bled to make his dreams come true Source from Lahore Development Authority


Ahad Khan’s Achievments

Ahad Khan was involved in all the major projects that changed the shape of Lahore. It was all his efforts and sleepless nights that Lahore has solution to all the traffic and transportation problems. Not to forget, he had done everything before time and never stopped changing the shape of Pakistan. Ahad Cheema, without a doubt, was a best secret we all had. He was standing behind all the major projects in Lahore and under his guidance, it all was made possible. He is the mastermind of new Lahore.

  • Metro Bus Service
  • Flyovers on Ferozepore Road
  • Flyover at Azadi Chowk
  • Orange Line Train Service
  • Bhiki Power Plant
  • Parha-Likha Punjab
  • Signal Free Road Projects in Lahore

There are heaps more projects that says his name out loud today. For long he was a hero unknown but after the allegations, it was important to tell the story of a guy behind everything we see today.

Metro Man

Ahad Khan accomplished all the tasks given to him by Chief Minister of current and previous governments. He was not only able to finish the tasks before time but also he did it cost effectively. It was all his hard work, best planning and strategy that gave him a name “Metro Man”.

Ahad Cheema was a team leader, he stood by his workers and worked with them. He made sure no worker lag behind

Ahad Cheema’s efforts, leadership and managing skills were noticed by Chief Minister of Punjab and he appointed him DG LDA for Lahore Metro Bus Service project. He led LDA as Director General in 2012 for this task and he accomplished it within time, a record time of 11 months.

In recognition of his outstanding and meritorious services in constructing the Lahore metro, Cheema was conferred the award of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan.

The Guy Who Was Late at His Wedding

Ahad Cheema’s hard work and his passion to be just and righteous for his nation could be seen on his wedding day. On his big day, he was busy with his workers in the field and spent countless hours on the project that people of Lahore use today as Metro Bus Service and other flyovers. Instead of spending that special time in getting ready for his wedding, he was making things possible for Lahore’s better future. His work and contribution speaks for themselves. What you see in Lahore, is reflection of him and his success and no one can deny it.

“Ahad Cheema’s colleague were allowed to call him late at night to resolve the official issues. Many times it happened that the problem was mentioned to him and he instantly managed to resolve it even before rise of next sun” Source from Lahore Development Authority

His colleague also added, “We had never felt, found or even thought of him as a person who could either betray or act selfish and it is impossible especially for a person who came that far through hard work and achieved a milestone. He was tough and never compromised his work. He done everything not to make a name for himself or for gaining some benefits but he did it solely to satisfy and facilitate people of his country. His decisions were prompt and solid”

His success lies in capabilities of making right decision in right time. He used to consult all his workers, share the problem and then as a team leader and team player, he used to come up with one decision which all had followed under his leadership. He never let anything interfere in his achievements and goals for the city and country. Progress of nation was strict business for him and he never let anyone compromise it, whether it was a friend or family or his junior or even his seniors

A person of this high caliber and rare abilities should not be seen as someone who could be selfish and try gain little benefits from corruption while he built everything from grain to an ocean through blood and sweat.

Is he corrupt or Is he innocent genius who became the victim of corrupt society? You be the judge.


  1. if he did something wrong he should be punished . he is not innocent as you explain in your article . if he done nothing why you are worried about him ?

  2. All his hard work though commendable but it does not entitle him to grossly misappropriate national wealth for his personal benefits.

  3. I think he became the victim of political system. If it was in his hands, he would not have made a mistake. I guess no one can say NO to chief minister and that’s where he got stuck. Really feel sorry for him.

    1. No he became victim of NAB who is working now under so called SC Baba Rehma and Agencies ruling Pakistan from 1958 till today.

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