After Aamir Khan It’s Zayn Malik Who Is Speculated To Be Visiting Pakistan

Following 25 July 2018 and the historic win for PTI, all everybody is eagerly waiting for is just one thing and that is the glorious oath taking ceremony. The day that the leader of PTI Imran Khan will officially take the oath as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Many things have been speculated regarding the ceremony, including whether or not Aamir Khan will fulfill the promise he made back in 2012 to visit Pakistan when and if Imran Khan were to become the Prime Minister to Gauhar Rasheed’s request of inviting Jemima khan for being part of the ceremony.

The newest one going about the rounds is the speculated visit by international pop star Zayn Malik, who also happens to be half-Pakistani. In response to it are some hilarious comments made by fans :

Most fans were quick to point that this too is just another one of those clickbaits. Well even if for a while but at least we were able to imagine a place where Aamir Khan, Zayn Malik and Jemima Khan all came together in a Naya Pakistan.

Needless to say, with or without any Aamir or Zayn we are a proud Nation that is only eagerly waiting for the historic day that will mark the official commencement of hopefully a Naya Pakistan.

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