Afghanistan Again Stabbed Pakistan in the Back!

Durand Line, the 2400 km long border between Pakistan and it’s neighboring country Afghanistan has been a cause of dispute between the two nations since the inception of Pakistan. Despite being a Muslim country, Afghanistan has always opposed Pakistan and sided with India. Pakistan’s aid in the Afghan War did nothing to improve the sentiments especially since the gain of control by Taliban in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s patrolling of the Durand Line also lead to a number of clashes between the countries.

Another reason for the tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan is the amount of terrorists that Afghanistan harbors. They are responsible for most of the terrorist attacks and massacres in Pakistan such as the tragedy of APS.

Afghanistan Again Stabbed Pakistan on the Back!

Today, during a routine surveillance by the Pakistan army to begin the fencing of the border, Afghanistan, who does not recognize the Durand Line as it’s international border, opened fire on Pakistani soldiers on account of illegal border crossing. According to sources, 2 Pakistani soldiers guarding the Durand Line were killed in action while 5 more were injured. Afghanistan’s provincial administration spokesman Talib Mangal said that ‘6 Pakistani soldiers, an Afghan border guard and a civilian were killed during the exchange of fire. He further claimed that 3 Pakistani soldiers have also been taken into custody’.

pakistan soldiers

The main reason for this clash was the fact that Pakistan had been bombing and launching a number of airstrikes in the “ungoverned” areas close to border to destroy the terrorists and militants residing there. Since the beginning of April, about a hundred mortar rounds and a number of artillery barrages have been fired at areas of suspected terrorist activity. Where Afghanistan claims the attacks to be on their side of the border, Pakistani officials claim the attacks are being conducted in Pakistani territory.

Afghanistan disputes the border but Pakistan maintains its stance that the fencing of the border will prevent the infiltration by terrorists and this disagreement has lead to many clashes in the recent years and will continue to do so, resulting in the loss of precious lives unless this issue is resolved.


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