Advertisements: Annoying Our Lives Since The Dawn of Time

E-commerce and digital marketing is replacing classic ads because almost all of the community shifted on the internet and following their lead, so did the business community. So many types of marketing are being introduced, especially digital and social media marketing, which basically refer to the annoying ads you see online.

I, myself being an IT student, have studied a few chapters on marketing and selling products online and the main rule they teach us in promoting the stuff you want to sell is that “Do not annoy the user”. In the designing of websites, we are taught that items on the screen shouldn’t look like they are ads because they annoy the heck out of people. I don’t know why these giant and mega dealer companies have forgotten the basic principle.

I remember the times when we watched some drama uploaded on YouTube with astonished faces that no advertisement or a count down or wait to see whether if our favorite character on our TV show lived or died. Life was so good until the “creative” marketing managers of these hugely established companies and came up with ideas that made surfing online a bit annoying. Yes, it’s innovative but it’s still really annoying!

There are many types of ads, when they first started hawking over internet there was an option of skipping the advertisement after some time, but now there are ads that stick to the video until you watch it. Even worse, you cannot even change the window during the ad or else it will stop and poor viewers will get back to the tab hoping that the ad might be done and dusted by now but it starts from the exact point where you left it. There are ads between the video, when you are watching an interesting video, after it reaches its half and the person in the video is like “let me show you how” or “The ice cream can be bought from” or “This idea was given by”, a small irritating, devilish buffering circle will pop up and the ad is there and you can not even skip it or scroll through it. Your life stops there, you have to watch it by hook or crook!

I really wish that all the companies really understand that by forcing us and making the “hoo-hoo” slogan of the washing powder won’t make us buy the product, but rather even more reluctant to buy the product!


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