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If you ever experienced some sort of hacking with your internet credentials or identities you surely are a true believer of the fact the internet is not an entertainment anymore. As we progress it is becoming part and parcel of our lives and we literally are dependent on it. Government of Pakistan has passed laws to make sure that every culprit of cyber crime is treated well. Spoofing, cyber stalking, scamming, spreading false information about an individual, hacking of account of any sort, causing disturbance, hate speeches are some of the sub divisions in this law that a common man can face in his life.

Law has been passed but what should we do. Ordinarily when we face any of the above-mentioned ordeals we skip it from our minds, get disturbed for a while and forget about it, at the most we take some time to send a “report this account” message in our contact list in case the account had personal information.

Account got hacked Report

To not let this time bomb ticking, ulcer like growing, misconduct spread and take us, we should report it. How? let me tell you. FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) has launched its department that deals primarily with cyber crimes. Its called NR3C which is an abbreviation for National Response Center for Cyber Crime. What they require is you to fill this form (image below) and submit it. You get a response in a while with a tracking ID through which you can route your complaint.

Account got hacked

You can also email them on the following email id
or on their helpline:

After which they will ask you for evidences video footage, screenshots, phone number any thing you got to prove yourself.

Even if it is a mere case of an email hack, do report, people involved in these violations have no idea of the gravity of the law they are breaking just because nobody ever took an action. The mischief makers will pay heavy consequences and believe me when I say heavy. The penalties include going to jail for 2-5 years and paying a huge amount of money, money in millions. It is our moral and ethical duty as a citizen so we should do our best in this accord.


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