According to Hollywood We Are Bad. But Why?

So, me and my friends decided to go watch this marvel movie, that is released recently, but I did not have any background of what those superheroes are, and thus decided to watch them in a sequence. According to which the first movie was Iron Man 1, I grabbed my chips, thinking of something like person saving the world or something very neutral was going to show up, and the first scene had Afghanistan in it, with Urdu speaking people, who are this dull witted and wrapped in shaggy-muddy clothes, they are the Taliban and Iron Man is this peace loving American, who kills these people.

According to Hollywood We Are Bad. But Why


Well I did continue to watch it through the half but after that scene my mind was all like, why do these people, always show Muslim countries in their films as if we are, the devils and the only thing that should be removed from earth, these movies portray us like we are the ones that only want to kill people and sit in their blood laughing all day. Its not only the case with this movie, the integrity of the nation has also been damaged very badly (I must say) in other movies as well.

According to Hollywood We Are Bad. Heres Why

Movies like Bourne, have also mentioned openly how they got in Pakistan’s secret agency’s data and how big that achievement was. Then in another, G I Joes they cut the border did their work and left. In the movie Argo, they have shown how Iranian people were bad for CIA, and every thing else in vain, only the CIA were important.

According Hollywood We Are Bad. But Why

In the seasons, like House MD, Big Bang theory, when these Hollywood peeps have to mention some, poor and pitiful soul, they mention Pakistan as their example, which is pretty insulting. So, this war of terror with the Muslims have actually become the basic scene for almost every movie, which is not right. There is another picture of us which is never portrayed because we never show it fully, we never protest at the fact that we ae being ridiculed.

According Hollywood We Are Bad Why

Things should really get changed now as it has been a whole lifetime for us to watch this war of terror and be a part of it, disgusted out as terrorists. The thing to choose Muslims as a topic of their content, by showing us as if we are the devil himself, when actually we are the victims of all this situation, in Kashmir, in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan and every freaking where, this thing is not acceptable. We have literally burned our asses off in eliminating terrorism for the very people that originated it. We are actually peaceful our religion, teachings, attributes and instincts are those of giving and caring nature. May ALLAH protect us from further defame.


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