Abusing Women Rights in the Name of Feminism!

Feminism, a movement started to get equal rights for women, to save them from domestic abuse in Pakistan and through out the world, has now turned into a display of shamelessness. No one in their right mind will deny equal rights for women, but the rights that violate and sabotage the principles of a society and culture have no place here.

Feminism march

In West, women march for equal pays and equal status whereas in Pakistan, they want prostitution and consensual sex to be legalized, without knowing or realizing its consequences. Where the Westerners are trying to leave their ignorance behind, the Pakistanis are trying to adopt this ignorance in the name of modernism. On social media, we see many pictures with women bearing banners like “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” or “Tu Kare Tou Stud Mai Karun Tou Slut”.

Mera Jism Meri Marzi
img source: Dunyanews
Tu Kare Tou Stud Mai Karun Tou Slut
img source: Mangobaaz

We Pakistanis in general are an insecure nation, we’ve insecurities about our marriages, children, parents in fact about every relationship and we act like it’s because of us that everything in the universe is intact. But this is not the women’s fault, it is men who made it necessary for feminism to approach Pakistan as they think themselves superior since they run the house and think it is their right to rule everyone’s life around them.

A man whether in a father or a brother’s role, treat their daughters and sisters like a burden on the family. This led to women thinking that they are inferior to men and by misusing the term ‘Feminism’ a fake movement has started that can engulf all of us in its flames. I call these people ‘Band-wagoners’, they have no clue what feminism is about they just get to know a term women empowerment and that’s about it.

Shouting out loud for equal rights for women itself undermines the status of women in our country. Why not they ask for more rights? Why not they start a movement against the thousands of severe problems Pakistan is facing in these times? Forget about equal rights, these pseudo feminism activist want consensual sex to be legalized in Pakistan, without knowing its consequences of unwanted pregnancies and what not!

I named my post title ‘ills of feminism’ for a reason and that reason is the dark side of this movement! Now a days it’s so easy for anyone to claim that they’ve been sexually harassed! All they have to do is present fake witnesses and in many cases their friends and falsely claim that they’ve been sexually harassed. I’m not saying all the sexual harassment cases are fake but there are many cases where the claimer just wanted to ridicule or take revenge from someone.

Has Ayesha Gulalai been able to produce anything, anything at all, against Imran Khan?

pakistan honour killing

Again don’t get me wrong in believing that my views are of oppressing women, all i’m saying is that there is a fine line that needs to keep in check all the time. However, the path this feminism activism has taken is┬ásimply not understandable. In addition to calming things down, people should also prevent domestic abuse and make efforts to stop any kind of maltreatment to the wives, daughters and mothers. We should protect women from the ills of men who use them as bait to pay for the crimes they’ve committed in the name of ‘Karo Kari’ (honor killing) and forced marriages. But, abusing women rights in the name of feminism; comeon!

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