Abid Boxer Wanted for 11 Years Got Arrested From Dubai

Most famous criminal and Ex-police officer Abid Boxer who was wanted to Pakistani Police for last 11 years have been arrested by Interpol from Dubai International Airport, and after the legal formalities, he will be handed over to the Pakistani authorities. Abid Boxer was very famous for his extrajudicial killings and fake police encounters during his career in Punjab Police.

Abid Boxer started his career in Punjab Police as an ASI and he got the position on the basis of sports quota, After promotion in a couple of years he became Inspector and served as SHO in the different police station of Lahore city. And he became very famous for his extrajudicial tactics to tackle the most notorious criminals and he was expert in getting rid of those criminals by killing them in fake police encounters.

he also became very famous in 2002 when he tortured the famous stage actress Nargis and shaved her head and eyebrows, and tortured her for accusation oh her house and other property documents. Actress filed a case against him and in 2007 when his extrajudicial activities went out of control and Government authorities decided to end his epic and insane behavior he was sacked from the Punjab police, and he soon realised that he will be killed by the authorities, he decided to flee the country with the help of famous underworld gangsters like Goggi Butt, Tefi Butt, and Malik Ihsan. Abid Boxer flew to many countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and finally settled in Dubai with his friend Malik Ihsan.

His arrest will have a very serious impact and influence on many current sitting politicians.


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