Abdullah Shah Ghazi: The Sufi Saint’s 1288th Urs

Abdullah Shah Ghazi was an eighth century Muslim spiritualist and Sufi Saint who was born in 720 AD in Medina, Saudi Arabia. His shrine is located in the Clifton neighborhood of Karachi, Pakistan.

According to Karachi’s historian and architect, he was born in Medina in 720 and arrived in Sindh as an Arab merchant. Another noted historian, M. Daudpota, said that Ghazi came in the area from Iraq with Muhammad bin Qasim’s army and took part in fighting Sindh’s Hindu ruler Raja Dahir in the seventh century. Abdullah Shah Ghazi was said to have been killed by enemies in a forest, with devotees returning his body to a site on the coast where he is said to have first stepped foot in Sindh. He was buried at top of a hillock in Karachi along with his brother Misry Shah.

Ghazi’s devotees say Karachi is saved from the cyclone because of the presence of the Saint’s spirit. The cyclones either bypassed the city or moved towards Gujarat in India or its speed reduced to zero without causing any damage to the city.

The shrine has remained a centre of attraction for people belonging to different religions, sects, ethnicities and sections of society. Not only religious people but also many politicians, including the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, have visited the shrine at least once in their lifetime to pay respect to the saint and hunt for religious guidance.


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