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Age of Abdul Karim Soomro

He was born in Janhan Soomro on 3rd November 1962.

Education of Abdul Karim Soomro

Mr. Abdul Karim Soomro has developed his academic career by doing graduation.

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Profession & Family of Abdul Karim Soomro

He is a man of high morals who has cultured his family with good morals also. He is the son of Haji Abdul Khaliq Soomro who is himself and influential personality of his area. He has also served at official position in past. He had been a member of Provincial Assembly of Sindh from the year 2008 to 2013. He is currently married and has three children.

Career of Abdul Karim Soomro

Mr. Soomro is the chairman of the local bodies. He is fluent in Sindhi and a devout Muslim.

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Contact of Abdul Karim Soomro

His present address is J-2, 8th Street, Phase IV, DHA, Karachi, 0300-3008405. While he maintains his permanent address at Jahan Soomro, Taluka Bulri Shah Karim, District Tando Muhammad Khan

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