Aamil Babas Gone Tech Savvy! Now Introducing Online Aamil Baba

This Needs to Stop

I remember when infant, while traveling to places, or going to school I saw boards, white of color with a  palm on it saying “Amil baba” in red. And it always seemed fake because of the mindset my mother gave me plus there marketing tactics were not so cool. They were always spreading word about their business in stealth mode, delivered their meeting card anonymously or had an office near a graveyard.

Amil Baba Has Become Tech Savvy Now Introducing Online Amil Baba

They irrefutably claimed to get your husband’s non-existent fairy to die, getting your beloved who doesn’t even know you or treats you like a looser in your feet and ultimately enslaving him/her, get your uterus to work and give you kids in abundance, get your sasu-maa killed and cease-less list of virtual services like that. All you had to do was empty your pocket.

Times changed, technology prevailed, even the sky got new and so the Amil community thought to cope with it as well. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these Facebook ads of Amil baba and I was like “Wow man they are here too”. Then I googled it and the peeps have now online websites, WhatsApp accounts and YouTube channels. The thing is if they got a sponsored ad, means that they have viewers and people still visit them as a help in need.

The thing is that all kinds of Magic are literally seriously haram in Islam and as Islamic Republic of Pakistan these should be banned too.

“Whoever goes to a fortune teller (a soothe sayer) or a diviner and believes him, has, in fact, disbelieved in what has been revealed to Muhammad (PBUH).” (Dawud)

Most of them are fake and even if anyone is real (Cuz black magic does exists) it is the violation of act of God and in addition to that is causing financial, emotional and (Astaghfirullah) physical harm to the victim. They also perform some Islamic services like Istikhara which means to get an advice from Lord Almighty and is specifically instructed to be done by the decision maker himself. Amils do it for you and tell you the results. Seriously people have belief in yourself get your Iman firm and refrain from these satanic acts.


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