A Tourist’s Kiki Challenge with Pakistani Flag Taken Aggressively by Pakistanis- Who is She?

Recently a video went viral in which a foreign girl does the famous kiki challenge on a PIA plane with Pakistani flag wrapped around her shoulders. She can be seen making nice gestures and doing the famous kiki challenge, nothing unusual; what gained attention is the flag around her.

There is nothing offensive in the video and she got love for showing love for Pakistan but there are always some uneducated zealots who are ready to fire at people without analyzing anything beforehand. As soon as the video went out people started blaming her for disrespecting our flag. We put weird allegations on a tourist who has been doing nothing wrong but spreading love and portraying a good image about Pakistan.

A blogger named Eva zu Beck (Instagram account name by evazubeck) was travelling with PIA doing a v-log about travelling to Karachi and she on suggestion of a fellow did kiki challenge with Pakistani flag. She started getting hate messages as soon as people saw the video. She says,  “My intentions were to promote Pakistani tourism in a fun way, I respect the feelings of those offended by my video and I apologize for that, I will continue promoting Pakistan tourism, culture and its people”.

I was ashamed of our behavior towards her adorable gesture and I wish we could try to understand the possible positive intention behind people’s actions first before judging them.

Eva zu Beck has been travelling Pakistan for some time now. She has traveled and been to Karachi till the other end of Pakistan-Hunza Valley. All her blogs are full of love for Pakistan. She is trying to send a positive portrait of Pakistan to the whole world. She tells people how good Pakistani people are, how beautiful their culture is and what a good place it is to live in.

She is someone who loves Pakistan way more than these extremists who don’t hesitate raising a finger at others but are full of flaws themselves. These Pakistani people make shalwar and qameez out of flag and wear them, is this respecting our flag? A tourist carries it on her shoulders and expresses her love in her own unique way, is she disrespecting our flag. C’mon people, we better start looking at our deeds, think what we are doing for and to Pakistan and what this beautiful girl has been doing and what we did to her.


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