A Pakistani Won Common Wealth Youth Award This Year!

Making Pakistan Proud

Once I sat with my uncle , we sat and discussed about how poverty never goes away from Pakistan, he said its because people in here are real “fat-donors” and obviously I asked a big “why” with a taken-aback face and he said that the people in here give enormous amounts of charity but they never do it officially or through proper channel, they help people out of pity and not wisdom. Whereas in reality a little money when seasoned with wisdom can create a rippling and sky-talking profitable businesses, embellishing the lives of many with independence.

A Pakistani Common Wealth Youth Award This Year

Zain Ashraf a Graduate of Miami University who took social sciences as his major thought to channelize the charities to eradicate poverty from Pakistan when he came back after finalizing his studies. He entreprenerd a non-profit organization called “seed out” which funnels the charities people donate from all over the world into small loans which he gives to the creative, intelligent but deprived people making a very small business to work. His brilliance has made many people stand out and live on their own.

A Pakistani Won Common Wealth Youth Award

Small businesses include Auto rickshaw business, Steel and silver crockery, some tire shop, some small general store’s expansion even a donkey cart. The mastery of Zain Ashraf has literally made the beneficiary a donor in the matter of months. His virtuoso and dazzling idea was recognized with the Common Wealth of nations and he was awarded with the Common Wealth Youth award. His idea was appreciated by many including the royal family members and he was invited to implement this idea in other countries of Common Wealth organization to improve the standards of living and eradicate poverty.

A Pakistani Won Common Wealth Youth Award This Year

Donation process at Seed Out is really simple you can do it online with a small amount of $20 you can help any family or any individual begin their new life and stand erected on their feet. Go to their website “ ”visit the projects and become a donor today.

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