A New Addition in British Royal Family!

Duchess Kate Middleton has just given birth to the third royal child on Monday 23rd of April, and here’s why this one is different.

For the first time in British history, as a result of The Succession to The Crown Act (2013), a prince will not precede his elder sister in the line of succession to the throne.

Moreover, a third royal child is born after quite a while; Britain’s Prince Andrew was born in 1960, the third son of Queen Elizabeth II. All third children in history have led quite interesting lives.

A New Addition in British Royal Family

Many people are curious whether the new baby will adopt a surname; Mountbatten-Windsor, used by the descendants of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, but the answer is, no. The third royal child will be addressed as HRH Prince and all three names of Cambridge.

However, that’s not all. The new baby shares a birthday with many famous people, like Shakespeare, the world’s favorite poet. Other famous people include Shirley Temple, Judy Davis, Michael Moore, John Cena and Gigi Hadid.

A New Addition in British Royal Family!

The new Prince will be the Queen’s sixth grandchild and has further pushed Prince Harry down the line of succession. The name has not yet been announced, but both the Duchess and the baby have been reported to be doing well.

A Addition in British Royal Family!

As usual, however, Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to be just a little less happy about the new baby, even if it is royal. They’re too concerned about Britain’s taxpayer’s funding the Royal Family; an issue that may be addressed any other time of the year, but has sadly taken precedence over a new life that has come into the world.


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