A Desi ‘Saasu Maa’ Spotted in Japanese Parliament!

Mr. Kanji Kato, MP from Japan’s governing party got women eyeing him as a sexist after he said at a LDP party that

Japanese women who do not produce at least three children are burden on state

(despite the fact the women as well play role in producing capital). The father of six children, Mr.Kato said when I deliver a speech at wedding I advise groom and bride to have at least 3 children.

a desi

We need three or more children from those people to make up for couples who cannot bear a child no matter what they do”, he said reported by Asahi Shimbun Newspaper.

Nobody is safe!!

A Desi Saasu Maa' Spotted in Japanese Parliament

42% is the fertility rate in Japan per women. Mr. Kato added, if he meets a woman who doesn’t intend to marry, he tells her she will end up in a care home paid for by taxes from other people children.

Pakistani women can relate to Japanese women at domestic level

Many Japanese women criticized his comments and said its straight up sexual harassment. Mr. Kato later issued an apology that his intention was to address birthrate issue.

“I apologize if my words gave the wrong impression. Although i never intend to discriminate against women, i retract the remarks i made because they could have been interpreted as such”

A Desi 'Saasu Maa' Spotted in Japanese

This matter is mainly consider private for the husband and wife and in most countries it is unethical to question couples choice but Japan (and China as well) is facing serious population problem. Since many couples with mutual consent do not intend to bear children let it be the reason that it’s expensive to raise children or just for the luxury of liberty, country is in-depth of a lag between mainly underage children and old age people. State is short on working age people hence affecting their national productivity and wealth.

A Desi 'Saasu Maa Spotted in Japanese Parliament

China fall into the same hole when it introduced one child policy to control population but was too late to revise the policy. now that is has allowed citizens to have two children many couples do not want to have children or even marry before age of 30. Both states are now initiating compensation program for parents to support children and suitable environment for women to work even after birth of a child.

p.s: nobody should share this with their sasu-maa’s or else it will be used as modern example in nasihat or tanz.


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