9 Reasons Dieting Is Cruel If You Are a DESI!

1. All This Disperse Food With No Recipe.

Whenever we google “healthy food” all that comes up is some leaves with a really white chicken or a half-cooked meat. I mean how can you go from chicken karahi and qourma with dazzling oil and redness to bare green leaves. We aint no goat man.

healthy food

2. Balsamic Vinegar… seriously?

The only thing we put vinegar is soup, which by the way is also served with green chilies. Adversity is that every fancy salad has got balsamic vinegar in it which tastes rotten.

balsamic vinegar  3. We Never Know What a Good Combo Is!

Okay fine, we did make a disperse salad, with leaves and broccoli, but what to eat with it? Bread is not healthy and stake is a pain in the ass, so lets just eat this salad with the biryani mom made the other day.

4. The Ingredients Are Fantabulously luxuriously Unavailable

Honestly all the dressing that make salads all lovely and gooey have got classic French names which are first of all impossible to pronounce and secondly, they are never found in common grocery stores.

5. All You Got is Chana Chaat

The love of life the only “dukhi dil ka sahara” is chana chaat. You eat it daily making variations in it. I had a cheddar mayo-chana chaat once what about you?

6. University ka Café Gives You Instant Talaaq

Universities cafeteria where shawarma is life and for life instantly shout three words at you and you feel how it is like to be left out. I mean everybody has got an order and you get real scolded.

 7. You Are From Mars If You Say No to ROTI

The only thing that completes a meal is roti, there is no concept of having a meal without roti. I mean when you go to dawat people literally make roti salan with pulao so “How dare you say no to roti” and no one ever believes that it is the major source of carbs and the argument ends with “Organic hai beta… helps you poop! ”

 8. The Only Salad You Know Other Than “Salaad” is Russian Salad

The first thoughts whenever you go out with friends when you are on dieting or in the early days of your diet are of Russian salad. It has got fruits, veges which are both healthy. So what, if it’s got tons of macaroni and mayonnaise Ultimately every thing is natural and “itnay se kiya ho jaye ga.”

 9. Your Mom Is a Real Conspirator

Amma is the one who reminds you every day that you have to fit into a lehnga and you are a real moti but when you actually start losing some calories, she comes with real plots and conspiracies to make you eat.”Beta thorra sa kha le”


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