8 Signs You’re an Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety

Introvert is the most common word we hear in our daily life. The most ordinary explanation of an introvert is someone who gets weary by socializing and revives by being alone. But there’s a lot more than this. Everybody is born with an intrinsic disposition — a way that you grow and try to interact with the world. Introversion and extroversion indicate the character of an individual.

Anxiety is the confusing voice screaming in the back of your head that says, “Something terrible is going to take place.” This voice pinches you to stay awake at 2 a.m. thinking about somewhat embarrassing you did years back. Anxiety is a regular part of life for many introverts.  Many people live with a secret form of anxiety called “high-functioning anxiety.” externally; they emerge to have it altogether.

Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety

Here are 8 general symptoms of high-functioning anxiety.

  1. You may go crazy from inside, but you’re calm outside

Fascinatingly, many people with high-functioning anxiety don’t let others know how nervous they are. This is the reason it’s called a secret anxiety. You may have learned to sort out your emotions.

  1. You persistently feel the need to be busy

It can be a real problem for an introvert who tries to get busy every time. This doesn’t essentially mean you’re attending lots of social events; instead, you may feel an urge to always get things done. Staying busy distracts you from your anxiety.

  1. You’re scared of disappointing others.

You might be a people-pleaser. You’re so anxious of letting others down that you work hard to make them happy, even if it means sacrificing your own needs. You’ve minimized your world to avoid overwhelming.

  1. You’re prone to over thinking.

You talk negatively every time. You habitually rerun past mistakes in your mind, staying on creepy “what if, I wish….” scenarios, and try to enjoy the instant because you’re expecting the worst. Sometimes your mind races and you can’t stop it.

  1. You have twinges, recurring habits, or twitches

Your anxiety manifests physically in your body in a form of frequent muscle tension or aches. Correspondingly, you might unconsciously pick at the skin around your nails, tap your foot, scratch your scalp, or do other rhythmic things that get your nervous energy out.

  1. You’re tired all the time

Your mind is always going on, so you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Even when you sleep well, you feel tired the whole day, because struggling with an invariable underlying level of anxiety is killing.

  1. You get annoyed and strained easily

You’re living with constant low-level stress, so even minor problems occur; it has the power to make you mad.

  1. You see the world in a deeply diverse way

Your anxiety isn’t “just in your head,” it’s all around you.  People who are anxious see the world differently than people who aren’t anxious. In other words, anxious people oversimplify emotional experiences — even if they aren’t intimidating.

Did you find out something related to yourself here? Did you have a second thought about yourself while reading these signs? If yes, then you might be an introvert with high functioning anxiety. Don’t worry, try seeking professional help or find ways to process your feelings. Here’s our guide on how to help someone dealing with stress.


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