7 Reasons to Love Bollywood

Are you a Bollywood freak? High five if you have been ridiculed for loving some cheap masti and desi stuff because I have got some excellent reasons which totally justify you being a rangeela fan of Bollywood.

The rangeeniyan

All the films have got neon shades of almost every color and we are in love with it. It makes the life more funky nai?

Perfectly Synchronized Dance Steps

Let’s admit it, watching Bollywood dance is one of our guilty pleasures. We love them computerized thumkas and threaded bhangra steps.

Cultural commonalities

We, even belonging to the not so liked neighbor, love the cultural commonalities, the same languages, the same idioms and the same taunts used by moms over there and here to mock their kids in the films. It makes it more relatable.

Leela Bhansali

Leela Bhansali is the reason, Bollywood has got colors, charm, good dance and music. When it comes to the history of Mughal sultanate, he is the best portrayer.

Intricate Details of Set

Every single bulb, curtain, crockery, carpet, walls, ball pen or whatever is the part of the set is so amazingly detailed that it leaves you starstruck.

Involvement of Actors

The depth with which the actors are involved in the movie is amazing. They really give a soul to the character through their enthusiasm.

Addictive Music

The music is like a basket you get every kind of music in here. Want to cry? There is a song. Want to dance? There is a song. Want to laugh? There is a song.


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