7 Easy Steps To Stay Positive. Thank Me Later!

‘Since when has keeping positive become a difficult thing?’ You might have thought reading the title, but you might also agree with me when I say that in this present day of unrest and agitation, it’s easier to slip into continuous episodes of sadness and despair than to stay positive and happy. There could be a million different reasons for that turmoil, but there’s always a solution to every problem.

A positive mindset can be maintained with a few easy steps,

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1. Mix

Mingle and mix with positive people. Positivity is infectious, just as negativity. Keeping a positive air around you has a definite effect on all aspects of your thinking and perception. It influences you to do good and be good, and that always leaves a good impact on your mind.

2. Change

Accepting change can be amongst the hardest of things but accepting it and coming to terms with it can also be one of the most positively influencing things. Most of the times we find our selves struggling to deal with the realities of life as they are and put our everything to change the situation, not us. Learning to adapt and adopt, can be truly refreshing, because while you cannot predict or control what life throws at you, you can however control your reaction to it, and thus maintain your mental and emotional peace.

3. Remind

Keep a journal, write about your day, what you did, how you felt, what you hope to do and how you hope to continue. Writing can be can incredible stress reliever because while you are releasing all your pent-up frustrations and agitation, you are releasing it through words only you are exposed to and you don’t have to worry about betrayal when you are vulnerable with your feelings because a pen never fails you. It serves as a reminder to all the good you have done, and all the bad you hope to avoid next time. Every person, during episodes of sadness, only remembers the bad, and writing can prove to be proof for your mind, to also remember the good you do.

7 Easy Steps To Stay Positive Thank Me Later!

4. Plan

Make plans for each day, plan what you hope to do tomorrow. Keep personal goals while you keep worldly goals to move forward, because as busy as life is you tend to forget yourself amidst all the troubles of the universe. Make time for yourself, to think for yourself, paying attention to fellow people will always be a good deed, but your mind and your body need your attention too, so plan for yourself too.

5. Act

Do something regularly that you enjoy, or might enjoy, you never know. For some, exercise is a great way to relax, while for others it could be going for a walk, petting an animal, reading a book, coloring in pictures, baking a cake, etc. It amazing how different you’ll feel afterwards. Build this routine into your daily, or weekly or maybe even monthly schedule to remind yourself of all the things you enjoy doing, and all the things you’re good at. And if you’re not good at anything, you’re alive and you have the right to live, so even if there’s no outwardly reason for you to live or continue, do it for yourself.

7 Easy Steps To Stay Positive. Thank Me Later!

6. Speak

Speak, and try to speak good when you do. Speaking up can sometimes be the solution to a lot of problems we face. And while we speak, remembering not to wound anyone while we do is also important. It’s a fact that while people do enjoy making people happy with good words, and some claim to enjoy wounding people with bad words, those same people are actually hurting their own self with that negativity because it will always be a reminder of the ill influence you inflicted. Think positive, to talk positive.

7. Expect Less

As absurd as it sounds, the lower and realistic your expectations are towards life, the more prone you are to being happy. We often demand too much of life and when those expectations and demands are not met, we are faced with disappointment and hopelessness. I’m not saying one should stop expecting altogether, but keeping a realistic approach to things can be healthy for the mind and good for the soul.

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