6 Types of Bread in Pakistan

There are three basic types of flour – white, brown and whole meal – and bread made from it is usually described using the same terms. Bread is available in a whole range of shapes and sizes, crusty or soft crusted, wrapped or unwrapped, sliced or un-sliced.

  • White Bread

White Bread in Pakistan

White bread is made from flour that contains only the endosperm of the wheat grain (about 75% of the whole grain).

  • Wholemeal Bread

Wholemeal Bread in Pakistan

Wholemeal bread is made from the whole of the wheat grain with nothing taken away. Whole-wheat is another name for whole meal.

  • Brown Bread

Brown Bread in Pakistan

Brown bread is made from flour from which some bran and wheat germ is removed (it uses about 85% of the whole grain).

  • Soft Grain Bread

Soft Grain bread in Pakistan

Soft grain bread is made from white flour with extra grains of softened rye and wheat to increase the fiber content by 30% compared with standard white bread.

  • Sandwich Loaves

Sandwich loaves in Pakistan

Sandwich loaves can be white or brown bread. They are baked in tins and have a flat top, giving even and rectangular slices.

  • Cottage Loaf

cottage loaf in Pakistan

A cottage loaf has two round sections, one on top of the other. It is believed to date back to Roman times when it was invented to make the most of the height of the oven.

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