6 Spots at COMSATS Islamabad Uniquely Named by Students

Every University has a spot, which is named uniquely by the pupils. These are the most accurate examples of de’ facto standards and proof of the nomenclature process. Now these names are so absurd yet creative and on point that they can never be changed. Even if the authorities place an official board near that spot, it will still be known and remembered and told about to future generations with the same name as in past. May the authorities rest in peace! COMSATS University Islamabad, has a few spots with some unique names, a few of them are as under:

  • Dubai Chowk

Named after the palm trees.

  • New York Street

Just like that.

  • Chess Lawn

It has a majestic chess board for the students to sharpen their mind.

  • Pluto

It is most interesting, as COMSATS is a smoke free zone, so the students go to an area adjacent to the premises of University and all the stoners and smokers aka charsi make their unbreakable vows there.

  • Dating spot

Bus stop is the only place with so many crowd that nobody notices what is happening elsewhere.

  • Niagara Falls

The glorious naala of COMSATS which brings the mightiness of Niagara to witness at Park Road Islamabad, when filled with rain water.


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