6 Reasons Why You Should Totally Vote!

Availing your opportunity to vote or Elections in general are not about serving your emotional attachments or your personal ego. It’s about looking at the greater good for the country. If you are still not convinced here are few more reasons you should totally vote!

1. It’s free

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Come on who doesn’t enjoy free stuff, and this time it’s Naya Pakistan that is going to cost you no money at all.

2. Cuz why not

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Things will continue to be what they already are, however, what you do could instead is avoid wasting away the opportunity to be part of something revolutionary and telling your grand kids stories about it.

3. Look at the bigger picture

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Look at it just beyond a single day’s sleep worth a few hours that you will have to compromise. And learn to look at the bigger picture. Analyze how it could affect every one of our lives and that of our future kids.

4. Don’t take it personally

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Well in a way it IS personal as what is good for the country is also ultimately good for you but I know you know exactly what I mean. Let go of ‘just’ emotional attachments or blindly following what your peers are doing. Come out of your shell and be a patriot in a true sense.

5. Stop being petty

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It’s not about silly competitions or some high school drama that we’re talking about. Learn to rise above that and think of the future consequences for a WHOLE nation, that is indirectly going to affect your life too.

6. Because doing is more important than talking

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“khuda ne aaj tak uss qoam ki haalat nahiin badli, Na ho jis ko khayal khud aap apni haalta ke badalne ka”

People usually say they care about the country but never actually do suff for it when it is required of them to act.

That’s what voting is, a representation of your little act of ‘doing’ and showing that you legitimately care.

Expand your visions, start questioning and be curious. You may not choose a perfect candidate but you might just help let go of ones that are too bad for our country.


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