6 Reasons Why Smart Is The New Sexy

If you think having a slender tall body, thick hair, flawless skin and beautiful smile is what makes you sexy then friends, update your knowledge because definition of sexy is changing. Smart is the new sexy.

Don’t you think it is for the good of all? We all have been chasing perfection, trying to have the ideal (according to the media and fashion industry) body weight, skin color. Trying to attain this kind of perfection is not a permanent solution, eventually you get wrinkled skin, saggy tummy and stretch marks; outer beauty is temporary. The beauty that lasts and grows is the smartness.

Intelligence is the thing that attracts people, why? Let’s find out.

Here are 6 reasons why smart is the new sexy

  1. Smart people are better at conversations

Nothing kills mood like when your partner in middle of conversation reaches a conclusion and tries to impose their thoughts on you. Smart people are good speakers and listeners. Moreover they talk on the basic of facts, on the basic of their knowledge and you enjoy talking to them.

  1. They challenge you mentally

Smart partners always make you think more loudly and clearly. Their intelligence will automatically challenge you to be smart. Their companionship makes you mentally sharp.

  1. They are physically attractive

Nerds are non-attractive, who says? It is 21st century and smart people are not those creatures wearing loose clothes, thick glasses and braces. They are actually very hygienic and smart people who also have smart personalities. They read widely and hygiene is surely something they know well about.

  1. They boost your curiosity

With an intelligent partner, you’ll be having deep conversations, not about love but about science, universe and life. They will make you curious. This makes you fall for them even more or is it only me who is attracted to curious people?

  1. They are a good influence

Since they spend their most time studying, analyzing, observing and experimenting, they don’t invest themselves in bad and unhealthy habits. Sticking to a smart partner will have a good impact on you; you will be saved from all the bad things happening around.

  1. You’ll never be bored

They have something cooking in their minds most of the times and they are full of ideas and innovative activities. You will find it hard to get bored with a nerd. Actually you can find these people the most interesting people you have ever met.


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