6 Quotes By ‘Confucius’ Will Guide You For Life!

The greatest of philosophers but the least of the most talked about, Confucius, a ancient Chinese teacher officially gave rise to the ‘Confucianism’ school of thought. A phenomenon that simply states the value of honesty, a practice of truth within yourself, a harmony in thought and conduct.

Here the top 6 quotes by Confucius that will make you more mindful (hopefully) of the things that are important, and the changes you need to bring in your life or within yourself in order to have a peaceful heart.  They will make you change the way you look at life.

1. When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action stepsImage result for when it's obvious the goal cannot be reached

I’m taking notes already.  It’s never too late. Today is the day you need to bring that one change in your life that will change the course of your life forever. I know it sure is terrifying but maybe, just maybe you need to do the things that make you scared more often, and break out of  ‘familiarity’  so that you can really ‘feel’  the blood running through your veins, and in that feeling, be a little alive for once

-Carpe Diem my friend

2.Image result for stop cursing the darking light a candle confucius

Stop complaining, DO.

3. There is only one thing in life that never changes and it is changeImage result for there is only one thing in life that never changes and it is change confucius

Change is the only constant. And it is scientifically proven ( no kidding ) that change is inevitable.
Embrace it. Don’t try to step into the same river twice, because in every little moment, some tiny adjustment is being made around you by the universe, whether you see it or not.

You don’t want to be lost when you no longer can get your point across convincingly, and that is if you decided to stay in the same place forever and didn’t learn, from learning comes the strength to deal with the conflicts and complexes that come with the change. Trust me, there is a beauty in evolving.

4. Choose a job you love and you wouldn’t have to work a day in your lifeImage result for choose a job you love and you wouldnt have to work a day in your life confucius

Happiness is important. It is important that you do the things you love. I know you might even ‘survive’ otherwise. You might tell yourself a little punishment and suffering of your soul might get you better results in the long run. But trust me, an unhappy future ‘you’ is bound to create a lot of problems for yourself, the people around you or even the basic gene of society as a whole where people have ‘decided’ to suffer.

5. One who chases two rabbits catches neitherImage result for one who chases two rabbits catches neither confucius

Well it is good sometimes to be the Jack of all trades, but are you happy with being the master of none? As a firm believer in the law of attraction, I feel, to attain something with all your heart, you have to direct your inner energies in that same direction with every bit and piece of your heart too, no matter what it might cost you. You have to ‘embody’ the very concept you want to become, even if you might be judged for it. And not just when it is convenient but because that is who you are. Mozart didn’t become the greatest musician by playing basketball.

6. I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand


Lastly I want to add one of my personal favorites, because this quote is about empathy. It is telling you to be in other people’s shoes, to experience a certain phenomena to actually understand it. Experience fills all those holes daydreaming leaves out. Take a step towards ‘an’ understanding and it will open the door for a much greater understanding. And you will stand amazed.


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