5 Signs That You Are Shifting To A Higher Level Of Consciousness

Have you felt any sort of changes in your mind, body and soul? If you feel it, it means that you have begun your journey towards a higher level of consciousness; there will be both mental and physical changes that go along with you on your path.

Higher levels of consciousness gives you top levels of understanding. As you commence your journey, you will look at the world in a very different way than before. You will feel a change shift in your spiritual belief system that will modify your core beliefs.

If you are experiencing any of the following signs, you are likely shifting to that higher level of consciousness.

1. You have a softer energy

As you shift into a higher level of your conscious mind, you free all of the aggression and rage you formerly hung to. You have no space for all of the sound created by negative feelings because you are totally focused on your own inner workings. You basically do not have the time for opposition in any form.

2. You own your emotions

You know that if you want to be cheerful and victorious, it must come from inside. You are absolutely proficient of creating the life that you want to live, and you make asserting choices to move yourself in that path. You no longer depend on others to bring you happiness. You can now slow down and spend quiet time with yourself without feeling as if you aren’t being dynamic.


3. You practice self love

You take care of your own needs before tackling the needs of others. You know that you will only be able to care for others when you’ll care for yourself. You no longer look forward to flawlessness from yourself. As an alternative, you grip the imperfections and rejoice them. You have a strong desire to be alone, so that you can continue to discover the inner thoughts of your mind.

4. You pull yourself away from toxic people

You don’t endure those who kill your positive energy. Drama does not plead to you, and you want no part of it in your life. While it isn’t easy, you find yourself ending friendships and setting boundaries that you have never set before. Toxic energy will only slow down your alteration, and you know that you only have room in your life for those that have your best intentions at heart.

5. You have trouble sleeping

Repeatedly as people move to a higher conscious position, they have trouble staying asleep at night. Do not be shocked if this happens to you. Your unconscious mind is solid at work, and there may be times during the night-time hours that it needs to send a message to your conscious mind.

If any of these signs matches your situation, you are shifting to higher level of consciousness.


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