5 Reasons Why One Should Get Admission in Government College University Lahore

Our college life is the most memorable part of our lives for most of us. When we get together with our friends, we always discuss the lives we spent in our college. No one denies the importance of studies but entertainment, the time spent with our friends, joking, laughing, playing give us the peace of mind and memories that live with us forever and unfortunately, the students of our generation are deprived of that memorable time. GCU is a nationwide renowned college and studying in GCU Lahore is the dream of every student in Pakistan. It is every worth bit the pride Ravians put in this name as it is a great privilege to be called a Ravian.

Now-a-days, the educational system of our country does not allow us to enjoy our lives. We are being trained to become drones that break their minds, their spirits and waste their abilities just working brainlessly. In the midst of all this, one always looks for a ray of light. The Government College Lahore, however, is intent on changing that. Here are 5 reasons why one should opt for Government  College Lahore.

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1. Firstly, in our educational system, students are stripped of their creativity and imagination. They are taught what to think instead of how to think. In Government College, the students have a chance to hone their abilities. Through speech competitions, musical societies, debates, scouting and social working, the students gain a chance to follow their passions. They learn how to think, they move from chaos to order, they learn to make order from chaos. They gain a chance to sharpen their minds and intellect as well as gaining information about the world. They learn to think and speak logically and with firm standpoints.

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2. Secondly, the Government College is also focused on grooming the student’s personalities. In the private colleges, the students are just taught to cram everything. The students don’t know how to behave, their personalities remain undeveloped. Above this, the teachers are not too interested in teaching and discuss things which shouldn’t be discussed by teachers among young students. In Government College, students are taught how to groom their personalities. They learn to respect women, being in continuous contact with them as their seniors or teachers and this is a great step in making men aware of equality instead of male superiority. Unlike many other students who don’t even know how to give women their due respect and make a habit of “poondi”.

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3. Government College, being a historical educational institution, provides a serious educational atmosphere. The students become more focused on their studies. The teachers, who are exceptionally talented, not only teach their subjects like ivy league professors but also link them to our normal lives, even the simplest of phenomenon becomes linked to such complex knowledge that interest is developed automatically in the subject. The teachers are also well-equipped with the knowledge to guide the students in their specific careers.government college lahore building at night

4. In Government College, the students are also allowed to skip some of their lessons to get their minds relaxed in the famed amphitheater or walk around the oval ground, to visit the library and earn knowledge other than their education, read about science and technology and just pass their time in casual reading. They can also take their sports sessions between their lectures by alternating the lectures they skip. The college offers a huge library containing books on various topics in English and in Urdu. They can also work for some welfare NGOs or college groups that quite often appear near the oval ground. They spread awareness about present problems and also encourage the students to help overcome them. This produces a generation of environment-lovers or welfare workers. These activities actually restore the humanity in us.

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5. The most loved reason for joining GCU is that the students can hang out with their friends. There are a lot of famous breakfast points near GCU like Bhatti Gate. The students have enough freedom to enjoy their college lives and stay free from the stress  of studying day and night. They can skip one or two lectures a day and go out with their friends. Take a walk in the parks or eat and chat in the cafeteria. These hang-outs are the memories that live forever in the hearts of the students.

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Other institutes may produce students who can cram easily but cramming does not help in real life. GCU prepares the students for their real lives by not only sculpting their minds but also their personalities.

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