5 PTV Classic Dramas To Relive Your Memories

  • Dhuwan

5 PTV Classic Dramas To Relive Your Memory

Dhuwan is written by Ashir Azeem the ever-young guy, the producer of Maalik and a man with radical patriotic ideas. It’s a story of five friends who work for different sensitive institutes. They meet two girls who eventually start working with them, together they fight against the drug mafia. The theme song sung by the legend NFAK will give you chills. It is a masterpiece and a must watch. Though written back in 1994, the series still has preserved its uniqueness and suspense.

  • Tanhaiyaan

5 PTV Dramas To Relive Your Memories

Haseena Moin the pioneer of women-rights and feminist literature’s marvelous production TANHAIYAAN is definitely a classic masterpiece. Written all the way back in 1984, this drama is a sober story of two sisters who are left alone and in tragedy after the death of their parents. Living in their aunt’s house they found their new lives, teaching them a lot of lessons and gifting them with the cuteness and overloaded care of their acquaintances. The character “Qabacha” will really win your heart.

  • Dhoop Kinare

5 PTV Classic Dramas Relive Your Memories

It is said that whenever someone from India visits Pakistan, the only thing they ask to bring for them is the DVD of DHOOP KINARE. The sensation of the 80’s Sahira Kazmi wrote this triumphant drama casting his husband and the “chulbulli” Marina Khan. It’s the story of a young doctor who is not very much into the field, she finds herself stuck in the company of her grumpy boss. After half of the episodes the drama turns the table, well I am not going to give a lot of spoilers, watch and see, its really amazing.

  • An Kahi

5 PTV Classic Drama To Relive Your Memories

The master mind of Alpha Bravo Charlie and movies like Khuda k liye, Shoaib Mansoor has coiled up a very unique and humorous yet heart touching story of a family with two kids who live with their mom and un uncle (mamu) played by Salim Nasir. The fantastic Urdu and light comedy is breathtaking.

  • Waris

PTV Classic Dramas To Relive Your Memories

It is one of those PTV classic which were shot mostly on one set, with backgrounds of card boards and an artificially set bethak. WARIS is the creation of the Guru of Urdu literature Amjad Islam Amjad. It was the furor of 1979. The 13 episodes plot of how a simple man (Fateh Sher) challenges the whole feudal sultanate of a Landlord (Chaudary Hashmat) is a sure entertainment for its viewers.

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