5 Plants That Are Natural Filters For Air Cleansing!

Cleaning anything is important for functioning, even if it’s the air. In the present day we find ourselves in pollution everywhere. Water, earth, air, anything! So with that established fact comes the matter of finding clean air for us to inhale.

Air pollution is a major issue in the world today but studies confirm that the air indoors is in fact more polluted than the outside air because with the greenery outside, that air gets its filtering. While the air inside our houses and buildings is filled with every person’s exhaled wastes and with no filter systems for that air, it’s more dangerous than the air outside.

So, what that being said, what can be done for this?

Like most problems, there exists a natural solution for this one too. And what is that solution, you might ask? It’s plants. The same solution that exists by default in nature can be employed on the indoors as well. And while the natural environment has a number of specimen that fulfill this need, there are some specific plants that work best in the indoor environment that aid in the cleansing of the air, and don’t create inconvenience that other plants might.

These plants are:

Gerbera Daisy

Peace Lily

Spider Plant

Bamboo Palm

Golden Pothos 

Pin some of these beauties up in your home to bring some natural aesthetic that also keeps your air supply clean!


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