5 People Who Are Richer Than Those On Forbes’ List

Today’s world has been told that Bill Gates is the richest man alive with net worth of about $90 Billion. He is the Founder, CEO and owner of Microsoft. My question to you is, do you really think that he actually is the richest man in the world? Do you really think that no king, dictator, politician or criminal has as much as him?

The list of richest people is published by Forbes every year that everybody believes in. I must tell you that Forbes is a big media network that also has to follow all the laws and make sure that governments are happy with them. They have to follow many rules of secrecy as well. Here I am sharing with you the top 5 real richest men in the world that had surpassed Bill Gates wealth years ago.

5) Kim Jong Un

Currently considered the most dangerous man alive, Kim Jong Un is the dictator leader of the North Korea. He is basically the King of his country and said to be ruling with an iron fist. North Korea is a poor country and it is blamed on Kim Jong Un that he has snatched and stole all the wealth from it. His current net worth is estimated to be over $170 Billion. He lives a luxurious lifestyle owning a big part of North Korea’s land. He has a wide range of most expensive cars, his own golf course and some of the most dangerous weapons in the world making him one of the real richest men in the world.

5 People Who Are Richer Than Those On Forbes' List

4) Rothschild Family

Rothschild is a family of bankers said to be controlling USA with their invisible hands. They are even blamed for some of world’s worst events like assassination of American President John F. Kennedy and starting many wars to gain benefits in business. It is said to be world’s second richest family with a net worth of over $1.50 trillion. Many of the family members like Jacob Rothschild are richer than Bill Gates but they hide their wealth using their power. Jacob Rothschild is also said to one of the most powerful people in the world secretly controlling current world’s system. Many of this family member are one of real richest men in the world but they have kept themselves in darkness.

5 People Who Are Richer Than Those On Forbes' List

3) Saud Family:

House of Saud is the richest family in the world and it is currently ruling Saudi Arabia. Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud who is the King and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia is also the leader of this house. If second richest family officially own $1.5 trillion then you can imagine how much the richest family unofficially owns. They don’t show their wealth but their most expensive and luxurious lifestyle with diamond cars and tigers pets is an open proof of what they are. Since they lead the whole country, their wealth somehow is hidden within it. They are the biggest businessmen of oil making them one of real richest men in the world.

5 People Who Are Richer Than Those On Forbes' List

2) Ali Abdullah Saleh

Ali Abdullah Saleh is the former president of Yemen. He ruled Yemen for over 3 decades and made tons of money through corruption. Yemen itself is not a rich country but using his power Ali Abdullah gathered as much black money as possible, making him a billionaire. His government was overthrown in 2011 but he is still living his luxurious life as one of hidden real richest men in the world with his unofficial reported net worth of over $126 Billion.

5 People Who Are Richer Than Those On Forbes' List

1) Vladimir Putin

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin has been leading Russia for nearly 2 decades. Forbes has listed him the most powerful man alive on planet. He is also said to be one of the people controlling world with invisible hands. There has been reports of corruption on Putin. Though he said that he does not own as much, it was reported that Putin has a net worth of over $200 Billion. People say that he hides it because most of the fact that it is black money.

5 People Who Are Richer Than Those On Forbes' List


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