#4MIND4BODY : May is Mental Health Awareness Month

With the arrival of May, comes the month of Mental Health Awareness, the month dedicated to the promotion and awareness of mental illness and mental health.

We constantly hear people talk mental health this, mental health that, but what exactly is mental health? And why is it so stressed upon? If you’re not mentally ill, your mental health is fine, right?

As much as that makes sense to most, that is not the case. Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being, whereas mental illness is a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behavior or thinking. Now see how they differ from each other, while one is concerned with the state of one’s well-being, the other is associated with what causes disturbance that well-being, and that is why it needs awareness, because mental illness is a serious term and not applicable to anyone suffering with some emotional disturbance or a bad day, it is a full on abnormal mental state that can leave people traumatized till very severe extents.

When we focus on health, we only talk about physical health, only focus on healthy heart beats, good muscle, better blood circulation, adequate respiration — and while all those are significant because they keep us alive,  we can’t actually forget the circuit that has these organs functioning in shape.

This month is dedicated to the awareness of mental health and it’s significance because we still have a long way to go till we can say that everyone is educated on the matter and cares to take a step towards it. Its going to take a while till people will stop saying ‘Us pay jin charh gaya hai’ and instead register the fact that their child has schizophrenia, it is a long way before people will stop abusing people for being just a little slower and understand that they can’t help their autism, it is a long way before people stop calling people with ADHD, as attention seekers, and it is most certainly a long way before anyone will stop claiming to have depression over the slightest of things, for the slightest of mood swings.

#4MIND4BODY was created to add to this cause, your mind is as important as your body so focus on your mind and keep it healthy; there’s no shame is reaching out for help, it is rather more shameful to never try to face a problem and go down a coward. Be one for your mind, for your body, because if the mind isn’t healthy, how could the body be?


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