490 Food Factories Sealed Across Punjab

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) during its snack industry checking drive has sealed 490 factories across Punjab. PFA Director General Capt (R) Muhammad Usman said 918 snack factories were working under different names in Punjab among 46 snack production units sealed. He said the units were sealed on the charges of wrong and fake labeling on their products, for using rancid oil, for not taking preventive measures to control the pests and over failure to maintain hygiene working environment.

The DG said authority has punished 88 snack manufacturing units with heavy fine tickets over non-compliance with the PFA’s instructions. As many as 280 food business operators were served with warning notices for improvement. Usman said PFA teams have discarded 2,300 packets of snacks (including nimko, papar and salanty) and around 500 litres expired cooking oil besides of rancid oil.

He said PFA was training the snack industry to ensure the manufacturing of snacks in hygiene conditions and as per the SOPs of the provincial food regulatory body. He has appealed parents to prefer home-made food for their children instead of junk food and store-bought food items.


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  1. PFA is doing a good job but they have a long way to go. I’ve visited their office and unlucky people working in the office do not know their job. They forget that they are paid by taxpayers and need to respect them.
    We wanted to build a packing unit in Pakistan for our products. No one was able to tell us which measurements should be taken for precautions. They were all only talking about the product should be lab tested. We should fill out forms and pay 5000rs to register our product. If any official is reading this please hire staff that is well or better educated and who are willing to help consumers who visit your office.

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