4 Haunted Places in Karachi that You Should Check Out

Visiting haunted places is one favorite hobby of the most brave of us. If we can’t visit those places out of fear, we are still interested in hearing the stories happening there. There are few places in Karachi that are considered to be haunted and have their own interesting stories. People say that only the bold and courageous people can go there alone!

Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity at your home or at any other place around you? If yes, then you’ll surely try to visit these haunted places. If no, then maybe you’ll resist from going to one of those places.

  1. Chowkandi Graveyard

    It is located near the national highway of Pakistan. It’s around 600 years old and is known as one of the most haunted graveyards of Karachi. People who live near this graveyard have heard creepy voices of shouting and howling. The ones who visited this place after sunset told that they have experienced some strange things. It doens’t seem like a safe place to go to.

  2. Mohatta Palace

    Mohatta palace? OMG! Noooo!! I had the same reaction when I found it for the first time that this place is haunted. It was built in 1927 and is a museum now. Although many of you have might visited this place but are unacquainted of the paranormal activities happening there. The guards have claimed that things have a tendency to move from one place to another. Some eye-witnesses claim that lights are moving around, when no one is inside the museum. It is alleged that the place is haunted by ghosts from the British Raj.

  3. Bride of Karsaz-Dalmia Road

    According to a legend, it is said that during 1970, a young couple was driving back home after their wedding and unfortunately lost their lives in a miserable accident on Karsaz road. Since after that, many odd things are being reported to this very day. It is heard that who so ever passes by this road sees a beautiful girl in a red dress coming towards them asking for a lift. As soon as you look at her face, it starts changing into something horrific. A number of people say that they have been chased by her screaming, whereas others were able to run off by hook or by crook.

  4. Shireen Cinema

    It is located near North Karachi but it’s closed for public now due to some outlandish things happening there. According to the staff members of the cinema, it is said that they hear people chatting and laughing at the back row of cinema. Shadows of the people are seen on the wall. It seems like ghosts enjoy watching movies in this cinema. The hum of water leaking is heard, although there are no pipelines in this cinema. These things are observed at night time.

Visit these places on your risk if you think that you are bold enough!


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