3rd May: World Press Freedom Day (بول، کہ لب آزاد ہیں تیرے)

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

3rd May is commemorated as World Press Freedom Day, the freedom which allows me to write whatever I feel like, whatever my opinion is, using medium of my own choice. This day was declared by United Nations in 1991. We Pakistanis have a long journey of oppression and many examples who tolerated the tyranny and manipulation of an eternity of dictatorship. Many voices who spoke against violence and inequality and were buried or even shut down.

3rd May 'World Press Freedom Day (بول، کہ لب آزاد ہیں تیرے)

The famous personalities known for bearing being exiled from the country, imprisonment and other detentions are Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Habib Jalib, Asma Jahangir, Mashal Khan. Many voices were accused of rebellion, many were scolded for not bowing before discrimination, and many were mixed up with blasphemy. Even Mother of the Nation Fatima Jinnah, faced censorship for passing her honesty to the nation by General Ayub Khan. They say that they do it for a greater interest, they say that many things should not be said out loud, they say let the pandora’s box be closed.

حق اچھا پر اس کے لیے کوئی اور مرے تو اور اچھا ہے
تم بھی کیا منصور ہو جو سولی پہ چڑھو، خاموش رہو

It is true to some extent that the nation should be wise while ranting about their problem, but when it comes to discrimination, biasness, corruption and all the bad deeds that make the nation a termite’s mound, hollow from inside, one should speak. Its in our religion to explicitly filter the detrimental, injurious and outrageously haram deeds.

3rd May World Press Freedom Day

Media, got its independence after a long period of dictatorship, and at first it started doing all the good by pointing out criminals, corrupt dealers, mischievous politicians and a ripple effect of awareness was created but soon this roar of independence started to spill mud in their own people’s direction and a scandal culture started to promote. Media is considered one powerful giant to bring any change but it is lamentably used to tear the fame of others and shredding their lives, by choking them to death, purposefully. It is said “With great power comes great responsibility” and media is slowly forgetting this. Sometimes many news is published without verification, which can create ambiguity and a false mindset or a rage in people, which is equally bad and sinful.

3rd May World Press Freedom (بول، کہ لب آزاد ہیں تیرے)

So, whoever of you has a pen, a camera, or writes blogs like me, or is speaking on behalf of anyone, anyone who is working for press, do believe in the values that your elders fought for, it was truth, integrity and nobility. Don’t spread distorted and inaccurate information across your premises, this is the real gist and crux of celebrating a whole day for the independence you have got!

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