3 Tips to Lose Weight For Pakistani Men and Women

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Weight issues has been taken lightly in the past for many years in Pakistan and it is a big cause of many diseases. But new generations are focusing on healthy diet plans,living and exercises to lose weight. Losing weight is not as hard as it seems but it requires motivation and effort. It’s everyone’s dream to lose weight. Here are 3 major tips to lose weight, look firm, young and stay healthy.

1-    Watch Your Calorie Intake

First, find out what your daily calorie intake should be according to your age, sex and activity level from the following Chart.

Recommended Daily Calorie Intake

Once you are clear about your daily calorie intake, it is time for you to cut your daily calorie intake and bring it under your daily average. To lose 1 Kilogram per week on average, you will have to cut another 800 Kcal off from your daily average intake from above chart. People often tells you not to eat.

Eating is important BUT eating healthy is the key.

Eat small portion of meat, lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts. As they will have all the nutrients you may need for recovery, energy and also fills you up. Avoid all other sugary food, foods with fat and avoid temptations. AND do not let your daily intake exceed.

2-     Exercise

You do not need to exercise all day to lose weight, you just need 10 – 15 MINUTES. To lose weight it is important to put much stress in least amount of time on your entire body. Walking briskly for an hour is a waste of time, what you need is intensity not time to lose weight and people make mistakes in this section. When you walk or do any workout without intensity, you will still lose fat but in small amount and as long as you are walking. So at the end of the day, your hours walk will not only be a waste of time but also sweat and effort will show only lesser results. During high intensity workouts, your body will stay in shock for the whole day even if you do it for 10 minutes, it will burn fat for 24 hours and you will see results quicker. Whether you run or cycle or do anything else, your intensity should be high enough to make you sweat within 3 minutes, if you are not sweating within 3 minutes, you need to push more.

Recommended workout to lose weight for pakistanis

Recommended Daily Workout: Paddle your bicycle machine in gym or home on Level “MEDIUM-HIGH” for 3 minutes. (FOR EXAMPLE: if it has 10 Levels on it, on day 1, increase it to level 7). Keep paddling with the same pace for 3 MIN. You should be sweating by the end of 3 MIN, now drop 3 levels or to “MEDIUM” for 2 MIN but with the same pace.  After 2 MIN, bring it back to “HIGH” Level and repeat the process again till the whole 15 MIN are finished. NO REST INBETWEEN.

Pushing your body to the limit in least amount of time is the key. Doing it at least once a day is ok but try do it twice a day.

IMPORTANT: Do it only 15 MIN, if you find it easy, increase the level of intensity but do not increase time unless you have done all the levels. Have your one meal of a day within half an hour of your workout because that is when your food will be used as energy and recovery process. It will not be a waste.

3-     Have Enough Rest

importance of rest after workout

Resting is important part of the whole work out, you cannot afford fatigue and your body needs recovery. Unless it gets enough rest, it will not recover, you will find less energetic the next day and lazy. Make sure you give your body enough rest of 8 hours or more so it can recover from intense work out. REMEMBER your whole body will be losing fat overnight even while you are asleep and recover at the same time. Do not give your body chances to fail you. Eat healthy, work hard and sleep well and you will see results within weeks.


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