3 Things Not To Do This Eid-Ul-Adha

That time is here once more, when the most common sound around the neighborhood is the baa baas of the goats, when every kid is out on the streets with their animals dressed in colorful accessories and when every mother is fussing over what to cook on the first day. You know it! Eid-ul-Adha is upon us once more and we can never thank Allah enough for showering his blessings upon us once more.

It’s a time for sacrifice, for unity and brotherhood, for consideration and compassion, and obviously for delicious meals, barbecues and what not.

And whilst you should not hold back on enjoying and celebrating this Eid, here’s 3 things you definitely shouldn’t do.

1. Eat like there’s no tomorrow

It’s totally true and understandable that there’s nothing like the nicely cooked qurbani ka gosht, but there’s also such a thing as over-doing it. Know when to hit the brakes with the meat, and especially if you’re warned by your doctor. Gosht ke badle jaan wali baat na hou jaey.

2. Kanjoosi with distributing the meat

Another problem we face as a nation is this mentality that we need to keep the most with us, and give out only a little, if at all, and you should consider changing that this Eid. Eid-ul-Adha is the prime event for sharing and giving, don’t lose yourself to kanjoosi trying to secure extra stock in your freezer, you’re gaining Allah’s disapproval with that too. And besides, there’s a limit to what your freezers can hold, and to what your stomachs can hold. Try giving more this time, you’ll enjoy Eid more.

3. Throwing out remains from the qurbani on the roads

This is another major problem with our people, and that’s literally throwing out the ojri and everything left onto the bare roads or any place they can find without any sense of responsibility for it at all. Not only does that spread diseases, it’s simply ruining the environment. It rots, it smells and it sure doesn’t look nice to see. Take proper care of disposing the waste so you and others around you can be at ease.

And with that note, I wish you all Eid Mubarak, may all your qurbanian be accepted and rewarded.


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