2025 Is Going Be The Year Pakistan Will Run Out Of Water!

We all heard the news about the Kishanganga dam being inaugurated by Modi a few days back, killing the flow of another major river Neelum. Pakistan is ranked as the 3rd most endangered country due to water. The World Bank has ignored Pakistan’s plea for stopping this atrocity being committed against the people of Pakistan. We might have abused many politicians for not trying to solve Pakistan’s water crisis but are they the really the only ones at fault?

Pakistan Will Run Out Of Water Lot Sooner Than Expected

The most terrifying news of the time is, Pakistan will run dry by 2025. But we are still killing each other over Nawaz and Imran. Let’s consider for a moment, the causes of this water crisis. We as a nation and as individuals, waste quite a lot of water. And I mean a lot. We want to wash our face, keep the water running. We want to wash our teeth, keep the water running. We are growing crops, just keep them full of water without taking into consideration their required water content. As an individual, this may not seem like much of an issue, wasting two or three litres a day, what difference could it make? Right? Well consider 193.2 million people wasting this amount of water daily on average. It is 579.6 million litres a day! Not small now, eh? And this is not the only water that goes wasted, a huge amount of water from Pakistan’s rivers goes waste because we don’t possess the means to store it or harness its energy. The global warming will soon deplete the glaciers, robbing us of yet another water resource. We are so busy building nuclear bombs that we don’t realize we are facing bigger threats than invasions.

Pakistan Will Run Out Of Water A Lot Sooner Than Expected

In our provincial and racial disputes, we put the future of our homeland at risk. Politicians from Sindh and Punjab are continuously screaming at each other, one wants a dam and the other says, “Over my dead body.” In their stupidity, they not only cause problems for Pakistan’s self-sustenance, but also distribute packages of hate among the people. Believe me if their worthless lives are what’s keeping Pakistan from advancing, then kill them. For the greater good. A German envoy, Martin Kobler has shown more concern for Pakistan’s water crisis than any politician or leader can have the guts to express.

The provincial prejudice they are spreading may even prove more destructive than the water crisis. Currently, Kalabagh dam would be a huge step forward in Pakistan’s water crisis. India has already started to take advantage of our internal disputes and has started to build dams and stopping water flow to Pakistan. UNDP has given a notice, warning Pakistan that it will run out of it’s water resources by 2025. For God’s sake have mercy on this country. Don’t throw away the live of thousands of your ancestors for two or three loud-mouthed hags. They don’t want Pakistan to move forward. Stop your blind support for such people. Call for a change, if they say it, then build the dams over their dead bodies, stop wasting water, leave a habitable country for you next generation or soon Pakistan will become the world’s largest desert.


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