17 year old Alyssa Carson wants to be the First Human to Step on Mars

Alyssa Carron is only 17 years old but already well ahead to accomplish her dream of becoming the first human on Mars. Don’t you think it’s such a great achievement? Oh yes wait, let me tell you more about it.

She’s already training to become an astronaut with a very important mission. Alyssa has had her heart set on the stars since she was a little girl. At the age of three, she told her father that she wants to be an astronaut and be one of the people that go to Mars.

She aims to be the first person on Mars for the 2033 human mission to Mars. When that time comes, she will be 32 years old and she plans to climb off to the red planet to carry out science experiments, grow food, and look for signs of life over a two to three year period.

Not even this; she is also the first person to visit all 14 NASA visitor centers in the USA. When she was just 15, she was accepted into and then graduated from the advanced PoSSUM Academy. This certification officially allowed her to go in the space. It’s not just high school and astronaut training that she is working on, she is also working on her pilot’s license, underwater survival training, and scuba diving certification.

She told that she did the same thing as other kids, like switching her mind about careers, wanting to be a teacher or the president one day. But the way she always thought about it was she would become an astronaut, go to Mars, come back, and then be a teacher or the president.”

This is so exciting that Alyssa will be the first one to enter Mars. I wish I could go with her. Let’s see what interesting news she brings for us after her mission to Mars.


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