15 Gorgeous Ways To Style Short Hair

Because long hair is too over rated

Don’t you think that having long hair is over rated? It is beautiful to have long healthy hair but many women don’t prefer having long hair due to the maintenance it demands. Pakistani women also have a untold beauty standard fixed by men, it is known that 95% Pakistani men fancy long shiny hair on women.

But all of us are not that lucky to inherit beautiful genes or abundant money for hair spas to keep the hair healthy and long. I personally have short hair, and I prefer it that way because it is way more stylish than the long hair. Though, having short hair is not that easy either. It is highly tricky to make it look good. Here are some ways you can style your short hair. If you are thinking of getting a huge chop down it might help you choose the style that would complement your face cut.

  1. Behind the Ear

  2. Half Bun

  3. Braided Bangs

  4. Center Braided

  5. Straight and Smooth

  6. Centered Parted Waves

  7. Pushed Back

  8. Short and Spiky

  9. Textured Short Curls

  10. Wavy Bob

  11. Long Bob

  12. Topknot

  13. Beach Waves

  14. Side Swoop

  15. Slicked Down Pixie

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