14th August- A Nightmare For Many CAIE Candidates

14th August: a day when the results were announced and future was being decided by everyone on the basis of these grades. Congratulations to all those who have passed there exams with flying colors and I wish a very good luck to all those for a future who haven’t passed it. What have you got? A’s B’s C’s or a mixture of it? Anyone who has end up getting D? I know you must be thinking that “expectations always hurt”.

But… wait! Wait. It’s all right. Trust me, it is. You know how well you studied for the exams. But it’s okay if you didn’t have what you expected. Maybe God has planned something better for you. If you gave an exam for O1, you have O2 to prove yourself. How can you decide your whole future by just a single sheet? I know it’s just more than a single sheet for all of you who have got the results.

Do you think that life will end after it? No it won’t. Was it the last exam of your life? No, it wasn’t. Everything happens for a reason and so is this. Life takes you to the unexpected phases sometimes but that doesn’t mean that everything is over, it’s not. Give it time and it will change I swear.

You are the best and you can do it. You have that potential to achieve it. Please don’t burn your hopes just yet. Stop thinking negative. Please don’t end up your life for this piece of paper. Everyone loves you and knows that you will do it for sure one day.

Things take time to come into its pace. Don’t get upset. It’s a part of life. You’ll achieve your goals and become what you want to. The past cannot be changed but the future is in your power. Love yourself and realize your worth. You are the shining diamond and a proud generation.

No matter how hard it is
No matter how hard it gets
You are going to make it.

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