11 Types of Work Leaves You Can Have During Your Career

Working as a civil servant is a pleasure and an extreme luxury because of all the facilities you have. Top of which are the different kinds of leaves you can have. Here are some important leaves you can have:


Casual leave is the kind of leave for which no particular reason is required. It is mostly for the occasions when you don’t feel like going to work. One can have consecutive 10 days of leave and a total of 25 per year. The leave (consecutive) can be extended up to 15 days on special circumstances. The casual leave can be granted as a conjunction with Friday but sandwiching the casual leave with public holidays are resulted in a debit of some fine from your pay.


In case, God-Forbidden if someone dies on duty or in service or is declared as medically unfit for the job in case of any accident or whatsoever the person or the family of the deceased is granted with the pay equal to 1 year.


Medical leave can be entertained in case of serious illnesses and when asked for is never rejected if the medical board or an external (civil) examiner declares the scenario as critical or in other words real. Medical leave can consist of number of days specified by the doctor no particular days are mentioned in the law.

Maternity leave is taken either by Moms to be or by new moms, this leave can be taken as many times as a female wants in her career and consists of a total of 90 days (3 months). The leave is on full pay basis i.e. the mother is payed with her pay even when she is on leave.


Paternity leave is for the fathers to be and for new fathers, for their help in birth related issues and getting the important parenthood stuff done. Its funny and thoughtful that a man can only have a paternity leave two times in his career. The paternity leave is also a full pay leave, which in this case means that no deduction is done form his pay and the number o days accumulated by this leave are 7.

• LPR (Leave preparatory to Retirement)

Leave preparatory for retirement in my personal opinion is the leave they give you to get used to the home and non-office kinda wella-pan, giving you the hint that you should now have some rest. In case you already had your retirement plan, this may be a holiday or the implementation time for you, if not try to sort things out in this time period cuz life is not over yet. The leave is of 1 year and is kind of mandatory to have.

• Leave on Full/Half pay

A person during his/her career can have a full or half pay leave career. In case of full pay you can have a total of 365 days leave with or without medical certificate over the career and a consecutive of 120 days without and 180 days with medical certificate. In case of half pay, the days are lessened but some amount is debited from your pay.


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