11 Times Mahira Khan Gave Us Major Saree Goals

If it’s one thing that Mahira Khan has so elegantly mastered (besides of course the other countless things) it is the art of slaying in a saree.

No one does it better than Khan when it comes to putting together a perfect saree with a different mood each time. You can see it for yourself.

11. The one where she added the X factor with that fiery blouse

10. We’re still not over this neon beauty and that badass bracelet

9. The time she went gracefully floral

8. And the one where she spiced things up

7. Keeping it simple but still slaying

6. Mahira surely knows that elegance never goes out of fashion

5. The time she nailed this hybrid eastern and western saree

4. And the one where she brought her ‘A’ game in with grace

3. Only if she had worn this instead to the red carpet of Cannes

2. The one where experimenting paid off

1. And finally when she took everybody’s breath away in this Elan chicness


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