10 Things Women Wish Someone Had Told Them Before Having A Baby

Having a baby for the first time is once in a life time experience. The emotions are just overwhelming and no words can explain what a parent feels when the baby is finally out in the world. So many preparations are done but still the new parents feel anxious and stressed out. People take classes, take online guidance and advice of parents but you are never completely ready for this tremendous task.

Here a husband and wife share their real experience with us of having their first born. This piece is not to give tips about parenting; it is just some realistic experience of two parents of having their first baby. This will give you an insight about the reality; the outcomes and side effects of having a baby

Mom’s side of the experience of having the first baby

  1. Don’t pray to get rid of the belly soon; you are going to miss that swollen belly.
  2. Pushing will check your limits, it’s no joke.
  3. Do listen to your nurse, if you don’t like one particularly, don’t be afraid to communicate it to others.
  4. Get plenty of rest and sleep while you are pregnant; once the baby comes out you are going to be tired as hell. You will be most busy you have ever been in your entire life.
  5. Not everybody is going to wash their hands before picking your baby, speak up.
  6. Don’t be afraid to cry if you are feeling like it. It is natural as your hormones are pushing you. Remember what’s important to you at the moment.
  7. Hold the baby as much as possible because once your family is around you won’t get a chance to hold him for a long time.
  8. After delivery you are going to be as thirsty as a deserter. You are completely worn out; don’t be shy to ask for anything you want.
  9. Keep your barf bag in your reach.
  10. Once you have delivered the baby, you are done with your job. Rest and let others worry about work.

Follow the next post to know Dad’s story and experiences. Stay tuned 🙂

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